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Observation - Area Cleaners

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Observation - Area Cleaners Empty Observation - Area Cleaners

Post  peace on Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:17 pm

I remembered when I 1st moved into here in mid May, there were more cleaners than it is now. I used to see 2-3 bangladeshi cleaners (no pun intended) in my block doing their routine jobs. My corridor used to be speck clean every week when the workers came over to wash, and the junk in B1 is always cleared by evening.

Beginning from last mth or so, it seems like there's new set of cleaners in our condo. I'm just puzzled why only 1 or 2 regular Chinese nationals working around few blocks. Corridor is no longer cleaned weekly like before, and I see more trash around walkways and cigarette butts around the grass patches. For the benefit of doubt, maybe there're more residents moved in this month.

In the month of end Jul/ early Aug, I have witnessed 2 occasions :

1. One of the new cleaners carrying a broom and dust-pan came out from the elevator. I saw there was this piece tissue paper inside the elevator when I got in. I thought, is it not his cleaning area?

2. A week later. One day during my daily clearance of trash bags at the dumping area beside the stairway, the same cleaner I saw from the elevator incident was taking nap on the ground of the dumping area. So far in the last 2 weeks after that fateful afternoon, the cleaner is no longer seen taking nap at my floor.

There's no intention to being racist from my above writing. It seems to me that the number of workers are lessen when there are so many fixed jobs to do.


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Observation - Area Cleaners Empty Re: Observation - Area Cleaners

Post  jianmin on Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:05 pm

some weeks ago ... i take the stairs @ block 8 .... i even saw .. clothes hanging 4 drying along the railing of the stairs ....with some stuff / cigarette lighter !!!!

i'm guessing left by cleaners .....

will make my check again some day ..... not sure whether it occurs on other units .

also..i ve notice .. the metal stairsway......after the waste bins .. are full of dirt ....they are not been clean .... 2 maintain a high standards .... all should be clean n maintain well !!!

i aso observe one unit at block 6 ... with sticking out hanging clothing unit...out of the pantry ... which according to the facade of the building policy.. should not be installed !......t;s condo living ( not HDB liivng ) some rules should be maintain n observed .

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