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Resident/Tenant identification card

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Resident/Tenant identification card Empty Resident/Tenant identification card

Post  Geronimo on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:53 pm

Hi Fellow Dwellers of CSR,

I suggest that all residents and tenants be issued an identification card with photo (in addition to the Excess card). The cost may be worth it for the sake of security and orderliness. The card must be shown to the security guard on request to ensure that there are no unauthorised outsiders in the condo. Some tenants may have permanent 'riders' staying with them without the knowledge of the landlords. These people may be using the facilities at our expense. Therefore, all landlords must inform the management office of their tenants occupying their apartment. The tenants and owners must surrender their photo-cards to the management if they are not residing in their condos. Guests staying with owners or tenants briefly can be exempted from having the photo-card. The minimal cost of making the photocard must be borne by the residents and tenants. Afterall, for all permanent dwellers, this is a 'one off ' procedure.
In short, only the people legally residing (with the photo-card) in CSR can be authorised to use the facilities,carpark etc..Therefore the photo-card should be used for booking the facilities too.

Any comment ?



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Resident/Tenant identification card Empty Re: Resident/Tenant identification card

Post  lee75 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:32 pm

Hello Geronimo,

I share similar sentiments with you and AK below on topic on security and orderliness.

In fact, I noticed a couple of times security personnel has been deployed at the side gate. However, the deployment appeared to be random or ad hoc. Also, these security personnel appeared rather fearful of approaching visitors / passerbys to verify their identity prior to entering the compound.

In my opinion, the immediate countermeasure should begin with security management first, as opposed to introducing tenant / resident card system, and modifying side gate. Having a security personnel deployed at certain regular / peak timings is necessary. I seen many occasions where several security personnels squeeze inside the air con guardpost which doesn't make any sense at all. Peak timings are usually evening weekdays and full day on wkends, and especially more so on wkends where the crowd increases with the shoppers headed to citysquare, traffic jam etc etc.

Having tenant / resident card system seemed futile without any verification from security personnel. Correcting the side gate with addition of small guardpost is viable and investment option, however, it still boils down to security personnel deployment and the act of them reaching out to visitors to validate identity, inside a comfortable guardpost or without.

Since staying here in March, I have never been impressed with the security management team. In fact, I have even been told off by them to ask my delivery to come on weekday simply because the stipulated time for delivery on weekend is limited to 1pm on Saturday. I thought it was unacceptable attitude given I am a owner, the minimum they can do is to try to help me solve the matter, not turning me away simply.

That being said, I think the visitor situation is not limited to the side gate. Each time I drive through, I cannot appreciate why the security management enjoys opening up the gate for the resident lane. Again, I allude to several complains in the post about possible free riders and non-residents / tenants enjoying free parking in citysquare. There is IU Reader registered with the mgmt office. Therefore security mgmt should focus on other areas such as:

a. patroling within the compound (unauthorised personnel, unwanted behaviours of tenants / residents)
b. monitoring entry of visitors at the side gate
c. monitor and coordinate with City Sq Mall security mgmt on traffic on main road during wkends (bad bad jam, cars queuing from B1 carpark to exit compound)

Adding my thoughts to contribute to our better living.



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Resident/Tenant identification card Empty Re: Resident/Tenant identification card

Post  Geronimo on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:19 pm

Hi Lee75,
Totally agreeable about your comments. Until such time when we have our own management committee and control over the security and maintenence, our hands are tied....Just got to watch the condo's expenses....hope all the constructive suggestions are considered and implemented before the situations get untidy. What can the management do if a tenant/resident insists on breaking the rules? eg, eating by the poolside, hanging towels on the windows, unclearing dog poos, discarding unsightly trolleys in and around the condo, parking at the disabled lot etc...Put him to jail??? Some of these people are just not civic minded enough and UNGRACIOUS.

No cheers for now,


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Resident/Tenant identification card Empty Re: Resident/Tenant identification card

Post  csr on Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:27 pm

I totally agree with the comments of the 3 owners . Recently i have been monitoring the security issues of City Square Residence and have relized that there is a lack of security policy as well as enforcement .. Members of the publics are able to access the condo as and when they want.
The suggestion of builing an additional guard post at the side gate as well as implementing a identification card with the photo of the owner may be a costly one and may cause inconvenience but i believe that in a long run it will benefit us greatly.


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Resident/Tenant identification card Empty Resident/Tenant identification card

Post  policeman on Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:42 am

Here is my suggestion. Please consider:

Why don't we request CDL and MA to replace all side gates to a full height One-Way Revolving Gate. Let's restrict the side gate to Exits Only. All entries to CSR shall be thru' the main gate under security checks.

I have personally seen many non-residents or unregistered visitors entered CSR via the side gates. We must stop all kinds of illegal entry since CSR is a private estate, not a public housing estate.


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Resident/Tenant identification card Empty Re: Resident/Tenant identification card

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