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Discussion with CDL on 18th September.

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Discussion with CDL on 18th September. Empty Discussion with CDL on 18th September.

Post  ceewye on Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:39 pm

Just to keep all the concerned residents of City Square in the loop.

CDL has invited a group of residents who have been a little more active to hold a discussion with them this coming Friday, 18th September at their office.

I will be attending and will bring up some of the issues that are more urgent with them.

Some of you may question why you are not involved in this discussion, are your rights any less than ours?
Nope, we don't hold more rights than you do. It's just that we have been engaging the MA and developer more regularly so they've extended the invitation to us first.

Holding an impromptu meeting without any particular agenda in mind will stir up the water till it's so murky that we'd be wading in the dark. Imagine 100 people with 50 different issues to discuss within 2 hours... Get my picture?

I seek everybody's kind understanding that we will not be making any decisions for anybody and are only there to seek a clearer picture to what we can do for City Square Residence in order to maintain the tranquility, improve the residence and protect our investment.

Thanks and Regards,
C.Y Lim

I have attached some of our mail transcripts for everyone to reference.

From CDL
> Dear All
> We are pleased to arrange a discussion with you and CDL on Friday, 18th
> September 2009 at 4.30 pm at CDL Office. The address is 36 Robinson Road (City
> House). Appreciate if you could confirm your attendance by return email to
> facilitate arrangement for refreshment.
> cc: Mr Tan Choon Huat, Director, KFEM
> Regards
> Knight Frank Estate Management Pte Ltd (KFEM)
> Tan Eng Soon
> Strata Residential Manager
> For and on behalf of City Square Residences

From Lee
Dear Lim

Ok, i will attend the meetting.

From CY Lim
Dear Mr. Tan Eng Soon,

I would be glad to attend as my office is just nearby.
Kindly confirm my attendance.

Thanks and Regards,
C.Y Lim

From Zara
To : Mr Tan,
Hi, this is my suggestion. It would be more convenient for residents here to attend e Meeting and future meetings at City Square Residences function room whether it be office hours or at it won't be a surprise if there is a poor turnout at CDL Robinson Road Office bearing in mind tat there may be residents who can be around to attend at short notice and who is not yet listed ...we have plenty of free carparks right here...why do we have to attend an informal daytime Meeting in Robinson Road where there is inconvenient and expensive carparks and ERP?....we are situated not in the far west/east part of the island but on the city fringe...
Plse. comment.
Cheers, zara

From Yoga
Dear Eng Soon,

May I know what is purpose/agenda for the meeting, pls? Knowing in advance will allow for a useful meeting, as we may also want to add to the agenda an item or two of interest to us.

I would also appreciate if the meeting could be held at City Square Residences instead, preferably after office hours, say 8pm, so that more of us can attend.

I look forward to your reply before confirming attendance.


From Phillip
Dear Mr Tan,

The meeting with CDL, MA and City Square Residents should be on the following points:

1) CDL should be the one to call for the meeting and this will shows her
sincerity in caring for the CSRs. Notify all concern by sending out the mails or
email to them.
2) An Agenda of the meeting and the time should be in the night for residents to
3) The meeting should held at our City Square Residences' function room.
4) CDL should assist, endorse and accept the Pro-temp team without questions.
5) Assist in all ways in the formation of the MC in City Square Residences
6) Call an AGM immediately and advise the precise date.
7) It must be an open invitation for all City Square Residents.

Best Regards


From Lim Y.
Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you for arranging th meeting. I will attend.


Private details like emails and full names have been dileberately left out for privacy reasons.

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