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    Observations Empty Observations

    Post  ceewye on Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:12 pm

    Copied verbatim from email message

    > > Please allow me to share my observations on the following:
    > >
    > > 1.0 Today, 16th August at around 1615 hours, my wife witness two ladies
    > > in the nude lying at the poolside with one of them playing with the
    > > others bare breast in the presences of children in the pool.
    > >
    > > 2.0 On another weekend afternoon I witness a man jumping into the pool
    > > fully clothed.
    > >
    > > 3.0 The security guards are nowhere to be seen and do not seem to be
    > > patrolling the estate at all. Most of the time a group of them would
    > > gather at the gate smoking and talking.
    > >
    > > 4.0 Function rooms tables are already damaged, and the managing agent
    > > don't seem to care despite being informed.
    > >
    > > 5.0 BBQ area floors are full of cigarette butts, why is smoking allowed
    > > and is there no designated smoking area? Where are the security
    > > guards?
    > >
    > > 6.0 Residents have to pay 20 cents for a pail of water to wash their
    > > car, but the Indian car washer has a spanner to open the water taps and
    > > he has a shower at the club house shower room meant for residence every
    > > morning. Why is he given such privileges?
    > >
    > > Best Regards
    > >
    > > Lim Fook Meng
    > > Owner Resident
    > > City Square Residences

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    Observations Empty Re: Observations

    Post  limteepar on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:54 pm


    Did you or Lim Fook Meng forward the observations to CSR Managing Agent. Demand for their explanations and actions. Attn to: Lorraine Lim email cc to

    Lim TP


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    Observations Empty Reply from MA

    Post  kweemengyeo on Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:46 am

    Reply from the MA
    From: City Square Residences
    Subject: Re: City Square Residences
    To: "Freddie Yeo" , "06. GM - Lim Tow Fok"
    Cc: "Wong Jacqueline"
    Date: Thursday, 20 August, 2009, 6:16 PM

    Hi Mr Yeo,

    With respect to the feedback below;

    1) We have review the CCTV footage of the swimming pool area on Sunday, 16 Aug 09, from 1530hrs to 1700hrs and found no record of the below-mentioned. The CCTV footage shows the security patrolling the swimming pool area at 1543hrs and 1614hrs. We would like to seek residents' cooperation to alert the security immediately of such incidents so that we may take immediate action and resolve the issue.

    2) We have instructed the security to increase their checking of the swimming pool area during the peak usage period and would be issuing a circular advising resident on the proper swimming attire and behaviour at the swimming pool.

    3) The security have been instructed that they are not allowed to smoke along the main entrance and have been advised to stop talking in groups during their break time.

    4) Previously, the technicians have helped repair the tables but due to the usage, the repair did not last long. We have obtained quotations for the repair of the faulty tables in the Function Room and have submitted our proposal.

    5) We have instructed the security to be more firm with people seen smoking at the BBQ pits and would be issuing another circular to advise residents on the smoking ban extension.

    6) The car washers appointed by the residents have been strictly informed that they are to obtain water from the coin-operated water dispenser and are not allowed to ultilise any of the facilities in the estate. Our security had informed that they had notice the car washer utilizing the coin-operated water dispenser. However, we have instructed the security to increase their checking of the car washers during their patrol.

    Thank You.

    Best regards,
    Lorraine Lim
    Strata Residential Manager
    For and on behalf of City Square Residences
    CKH Strata Management Pte Ltd
    Tel: 6509-0231 Fax: 6509-0234


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    Observations Empty Re: Observations

    Post  eight-thirteen on Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:08 am

    Seriously? Nude?
    I call BS on that, there is no way anyone would be nude by the pool and the CCTV footage would most probably concur. If anything this might be two white women sunbathing topless and one applying suncream but there is no way they would be nude and fondling each other.

    Why would you make up a story like that?

    When it comes to people smoking and throwing their butts on the ground, that is more an issue of bad mannered people that get invited than a failure of management. I bet that if a guard had asked the people not to smoke then we would have seen a post about the "rude guards". If you invite guests let them know that they can't throw their garbage anywhere, if you smoke set a good example. It is not the guards responsibility to make sure that grown people have good manners, that is a failure of parents.

    Let thet poor washer have a shower, as long as he doesn't mess the place up then why would it be an issue? Besides, he doesnt smoke and throw the butts in the BBQ area.

    Charity and change start at home, remember that!


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    Observations Empty Comments

    Post  Kato on Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:37 am

    I read with interests of whats going on, If at anytime anyone was found in the nude ,do call the Security to witness it at 65090232 and at the Same Time use your Phone Camera to take a Picture and politely ask them where do they stay,by then the Security should be approaching the Pool after you have call them. Excercise your Rights as a Residents,you can always make a Citizen arrest for the matter,if you so feel that you are threatened ,you can always call e Police.

    I would like to Compliment the Security for their Help and assistant when I was out of Town , they assists me in waking up my Partner who has overslept and was late for a meeting Project ,Thanks again.

    My proposal would be for us Residents to Cooperate and work together and also for the Management to employ a Security Management who are Professional that are able to recognise and remember Residents that are staying here.

    I as a Resident am always Concern about the Security here too and always questions any Single Suspicious person where he or she stays when they follow me into the Gate or Lift Politely of course,by having a conversation or greetings with them.

    There was a Instance where the Security at the Gate was rude to my Partner when she took a Cab home ,together with her ,I went down to approach the Supervisor at the Gate and advise him to have a better approach to residents and not to be dictative and showing their Power unneccessarry rude.

    We residents are their Employer,as much so as the Management Committee that we employ to look after.

    There are alot of foreigner's staying here and I do believe they do knows the Laws in Spore


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    Observations Empty Re: Observations

    Post  ceewye on Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:05 pm

    Thanks to Kato and eight-thirteen for their inputs.

    I too believe that the security guards are currently doing all they are able to for now.

    I have not encountered any of the propositioning by ladies of negotiable affections nor have i witnessed any sunbathers in nude before.

    Can we wholly put the blame on the security guard with regard to the sunbathers? I mean, If someone were to suddenly go bare arsed and jog around the swimming pool. Could the security guards have prevented that?
    I bet someone could go a minimum of 5 rounds before he encounters any of the security guards. Any takers? Laughing

    As for the ladies plying their wares in CS, i do not have enough information on this. Could someone enlighten me on
    1. Where they usually appear?
    2. When they usually appear?
    3. How to recognise them?
    You might want to pm me instead of putting this information up here otherwise we may experience a sudden increase in the number of men in that area. Razz
    *if you don't know, will they know?*

    On to a serious note, strangers shouldn't be allowed to easily gain access to the CS but I realised that this is easily done by just following behind a resident with an access card and going in when they do.

    Only if we were to inform the security guards of harrassment would they then be able to do anything about it.

    Blk 8, which I'm staying in, was one of the last buildings to achieve TOP status.
    During the period which we were moving in, I noticed that the security were doing their job because I was rudely who i was even after showing my access card. NOT HAPPY~!
    I promptly parked my car and went down to give the supervisor, who asked me in a confrontational manner, a good shelling to.

    Turns out they are facing a lot of flak from the management because there are complaints of housing agents who approach residents, I have personally encountered this before so i believe it. Also, he had never seen me before and he wanted to ascertain who i was before letting me in, even though he was a little fierce... Sad
    maybe's its cos i have an deadpan smile on my face? or do i have a housing agent face? isit my face? i think its my face... What a Face

    He did apologise profusely to me after that though... Very Happy

    There was also an incident when they refused entry of a cargo truck carrying my 300kg Myanmar Teak tables because we did not have permission from the management, a slip of paper with $500 deposit or something like that. The supervisor told me his hands were tied and I could approach the management office and try to negotiate with them. I was refused.
    I was forced to drag the bloody crate using a pallet trolley via the carpark to my block.
    Had they been in charge, they would have allowed the truck to go in for 1 crate to be unloaded but I understand that they are following the rules set by the management.

    I have seen some guards get hell over this. "IT'S JUST A SMALL TRUCK WITH MY FRIDGE! I'M GOING TO COMPLAIN U TO THE MANAGEMENT."

    I also have seen them go out of their way to help the residents, this happened last Friday 21/08/09.
    I saw the supervisor ask one of his lady security to escort a young boy of about 5 years old to block 12 because he was alone.

    Instead of thanks that we give to them for going out of their way to help us, some want them to die die must be perfect and be omnipresent...
    Let us all please remember that they too are humans, they too require their breaktime/ chitchat (those who have done guard duty in NS will know) within reason.
    We pay them, but they deserve respect too.

    peace out~!

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    Observations Empty Some Good Things The Security Guards Have Done

    Post  peace on Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:31 pm

    1. 2 months ago my car had a flat tire and I had called up my servicing agent to come over to get it fixed. Upon the arrival of the service man's van, I was already in the carpark to receive him. Within minutes, some security guards came over to check on what's going on, and also very politely verified me as a resident here. I thought that's very efficient of the security guards.

    2. I came back pretty late one night and I alighted from taxi outside the condo. At the same time, a young couple also got out of another taxi. Apparently the lady was drunk and made hella noise outside guard post while her male friend was trying to grab hold of her from kicking the potted plants and also from falling onto ground. The security guards came out to rectify the situation, and also made sure they are residents here. And that I know, our security guards here are not sleeping guards.

    3. Some of the guards at the post are pretty well informed of some or most of the residents here and that includes me. There was one occasion where I had chose to walk out of the condo to nearby shopping area and came back. The same guard who used to seeing me around the condo, had asked to verify my residence proof. That I thought is being responsible. FYI I only moved into this condo less than 4 mths.

    Some of us have encountered not so great experience in this condo. However, we all probably have different expectation. In order to create a better environment, all our good comments as well as the 'complains' should all be highlighted to the management. I believe they don't need us to tell them about take-over.


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    Observations Empty Re: Observations

    Post  jianmin on Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:07 pm

    have u tried leaving the condo @ 4am ???

    it;s not necessary true .... every 2 months , i would leave the condo main entry @ 4am to catch my early flight out of singapore .....

    i saw , the guards were sleeping around that time .... maybi after midnight , they still have energy n alertness ...............but between 2am - 5am ? i wonder ....?

    having said that ... generally not all are like that , and they do a good survellience job ...
    security wise .... checking is part of their job n we as residents should show respect by showing yr residence card .... to make their job easier.

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    Observations Empty Re: Observations

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