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the car repair mess outside Blk 8

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the car repair mess outside Blk 8 Empty the car repair mess outside Blk 8

Post  la Wong on Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:06 am

There is a car repair directly outside Blk 8, next to the new garden. Besides being an eyesore it's environmentally hazardous. The used lubricant or motor oil, if inadvertently spilled or not properly handled, will pollute the soil and affect plant life and the environment. Will the Parks and Recreations department stop this mess and move it to another location?

The motorcycles illegally parked beside the new park are equally environmental hazardous besides being unsightly and dangerous for pedestrians, especially children. The oil leaking onto the pathway, will affect the plant life and grass in the park. Can something be done?


la Wong

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