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New Security Company in action

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New Security Company in action Empty New Security Company in action

Post  lee75 on Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:01 pm

I like to share my experience with the staff from the new security company so far.

1. My wife and I were pleased with the customer-oriented attitude of the staff and supervisor during our facilities booking (that small room opp clubhouse lift). The female security staff was very polite and patient on our request.

2. At the guardhouse, from an appearance perspective, most of the guards I see are middle-aged and appeared rather experienced compared to previous company. I stopped earlier by to inform them about visitors coming to my place tomorrow (hopeful to avoid any unneccessary inconvenience on their arrival) and I was very happy with their cheerful response and attitude.

3. Overall, I felt the guards are definitely much much better than the previous one.

I hope the above is not shortlived or result of the festive mood.....



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New Security Company in action Empty New Security Guards

Post  genie on Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:55 pm

The previous security guards took down the particulars of visitors and cars entering the condo but I noticed the new guards didn't do that. My friend came to visit me today. The guard didn't stop to ask her for details; just simply let her car through. Also the guard should remind visitors to park at visitors' lot. Previously a guard was stationed at the side gate but now all the guards cluster at the guard house . No attention was paid to people who walked in by the side gate. The guards in the guard house should look up every now and then; and not backs facing the side gate most of the time.


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