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Condom in Swimming Pool

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Condom in Swimming Pool Empty Condom in Swimming Pool

Post  Geronimo on Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:50 pm

While swimming in the afternoon of friday, 27 Nov 09, a public holiday, I noticed a condom lying at the bottom of the pool near the jacuzzi area. Really disgusting !! I could only guess what activity went on the night before in the pool (couldn't possibly be in the broad day light!!). The swimming pool area is quite dark at night, indecent behaviour could go unnotice. I wonder how frequent the security guard make his round at the pool area and the facility area.


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Condom in Swimming Pool Empty condom in the swimming pool

Post  NBTD on Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:43 pm

This is really disgusting ! Evil or Very Mad Tighter security control definately need to be inplaced, this is not a public property. Can you imagine the 'condom' are being spotted by your guest, really a shame ! Another pt to note, I noticed the cleaner at CSR also never do a good job, I spotted same pieces of rubbish at B1 lobby at my block for 4 consecutive days (not sure abt day 5 onwards cos I didn't check after day 4), this show that they never even sweep the floor (OMIGOD !)


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Condom in Swimming Pool Empty condom in the swimming pool

Post  policeman on Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:16 pm

I fully agree on those comments from NBTD:

1) All residents must not condone with such degrading acts. Otherwise, we may find more condoms thrown everywhere in CSR compound. Our security guards must do more rounds.

2) I live in Block 10. Last Friday evening, I saw an empty bottle of detergent placed next to a waste bin on the 1st floor lift lobby. It was so unsightly and such an inconsiderate idiot who disposed it at the wrong place must be reprimanded. I thought this item will be cleared within hours by our cleaners but I was wrong. It is so shocked and annoyed to see the same bottle was left intact till Sunday afternoon. Where are our cleaners and what were they doing??


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Condom in Swimming Pool Empty Condom in Swimming Pool

Post  genie on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:32 am

Guess what I saw 3 days ago... on the lid (which was on the floor) of the red incense container behind blk 12....some pink condoms in a see through box !! Certainly didn't look like balloons to me. Presumably been used, I wasn't thinking of picking it up to check !! Today I walked the same footpath and still saw the box there. I thought of picking it up to dispose it off properly in order to spare others from the disgusting sight but hesitated on second thought for it wouldn't help in justifying our complaint that the cleaners were not doing their job conscientiously. I hope MA has access to our forum and read our postings.

(We certainly have some weird and perverted people around....what to do, lah ??)


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Condom in Swimming Pool Empty Re: Condom in Swimming Pool

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