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Post  Edwin on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:16 pm

Thanks for setting up the forum. Certainly useful. I am 'too lazy' to create many new topics, so allow me to share some ideas in one post:

- Next time you organize a tenants/residents meeting, please announce well in advance, so I can schedule it. Good initiative.
- Front door at Block 10 (B1) is stuck for ages: please fix
- Provide decent a/c in the lifts. It is really bad to do 25+ floors in this temperature. The fan is not very impressive.
- Why do some people have their front-door wide open all the time and the volume of their TVs and karaoke sets on 10? Not very pleasant.
- Provide more carbage containers and bins around the estate and have cleaners to clean the pool area early. And sort those bin chutes out. And post notes to residents (in 8 languages) that they shouldnt dump their carbage and litter like they do now. A paper bin at the letterbox area would be of great help.
- Pool area to stay open till at least 11 pm: I am glad to get my meal in by 9 on weekdays, so I hardly enjoy the facilities.
- GSM reception: rubbish in Basement and on the higher floors as well! I look forward to swift improvements. Telcons in the evening are an absolute nightmare and I cant pay the taxi by credit card at B1 due to lousy reception.
- We should switch on our head lights when we enter the carpark and slow down a bit. A sign at the entrance would be good. I nearly had a taxi in my left flank the other day who thought it was the F1 track.
- I noticed that in the fire escape staircase a cleaner's trolly blocked the way. Please make sure they NEVER EVER store stuff there. (before you ask: I was bored one morning... Smile
- Better signage to B2 and B3 for visitors and contractors.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I believe it is a combined effort of the MA, service providers and all residents to make sure living here is as pleasant as possible, so shall we stop identifying certain groups and nationalities in the threads. It really distorts the discussion IMHO.



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