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    Main Residents' gate

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    Main Residents' gate Empty Main Residents' gate

    Post  Geronimo on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:01 pm

    The dirty and tarnished 'metal plate' notice at the main exit/entrance gate is unsightly and lowers the image of the condo. Can the management change this notice and place it where dirty hands cannot touch it?



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    Main Residents' gate Empty Re: Main Residents' gate

    Post  la Wong on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:07 am

    In fact, all the signages need to be constantly maintained. The signage at the waiting place for taxis is so bad that it needs to be changed. Also, the fountain (falling stream of water) has been spoiled for a number of days now.

    la Wong

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    Main Residents' gate Empty WHY?

    Post  Twinkle on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:11 pm

    Why is it we residents have to time and again report on the things to be changed/repaired/dirtied/etc.etc. that should have been done by the workers/staff in our condo??
    If a worker slackens on the job (and who would'nt) when the supervisor does'nt check on him and hey, the Management Office don't bother . We the residents who pay the money (maintenance) have to walk around to 'notice' such happenings and report them to the Management Office then things start 'moving' but probably for that period and it starts again. My take is the workers concerned must be complacent because they know that we are helpless to do anything as we are not their direct everyone has to do their part and report on the problems to keep them on their toes. For those wo are unhappy, the good news is we the owner residents will take over the mangaement of the condo soon and rid ourselves of these lazy workers. You just have to drive over to the smaller condos in the East e.g. Ballotta Park (400plus unit condo with a bigger garden area than ours), to be ashamed of our inexperienced team of gardening crew here....Ballotta Park plants and gardens are very Green and well maintained and we should look at how/who they tendered their landscaping/gardening contract to.......... Question

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    Main Residents' gate Empty Re: Main Residents' gate

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