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Post  maymay on Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:23 pm

It seems like happenings is always during weekends(because most of them are not working)! Therefore, I would like to suggest MA to work on weekends and offset on weekdays or maybe work on rotating shift. Eg. Notice on Laundry has been put up on notice board but the residents/tenants/maids are still showing "Don't Care" attitude. Almost every weekend, I still notice these people hanging their bedsheets, towels etc outside their windows, which is very unsightly. I wonder how the City Square Mall visitors/shoppers will sight on us...... Should security guard also in charge of this to ask them not to hang laundry outside windows?

Frankly speaking, I encountered one incident where I call the security guard on one issue, and you know what he response? He said "Can you speak faster, the car is waiting for his check....Does it mean that the security guards duty is just to check on incoming cars and the rest of the matter, they just couldn't be bother? MA, can you tell me who else can we contact besides security guards? Mad Sad Evil or Very Mad


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Suggestions Empty Laundry hanging

Post  precious on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:43 pm

Yes Maymay,

You are so correct! Many residents need lessons in condo living. Sad, Sad
but true! Apartments #24-20, #23-16 at Blk 12 ,for example,continues to hang their
laundry in full view every day.Can someone who lives near them...please
please knock on their doors and kindly inform them that we dont do such things
in condo living.We no longer live in a kampong! Spare a thought for our neighbours!!
The mangement should send a guard or someone from the office to these apartments
instead of putting up notices, whom no one reads, ya? We should impose a fine system
or notice boards pointing out their apartment nos to our residents.
SHAME on these people.... Mad


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