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Rubbish Found at Blk 14 level 1 lobby

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Rubbish Found at Blk 14 level 1 lobby Empty Rubbish Found at Blk 14 level 1 lobby

Post  maymay on Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:37 am

Dear Residents, Tenants & Maids of blk 14, this morning when I walked out of my house and saw rubbish which include chicken wings bones on the floor at level 1, this is utterly disappointed. Everyone has a role to play. I supposed everyone would like to stay in a clean city as well as a clean evironment within your internal and external compound. Thus I would like to urge you pls DO NOT throw rubbish anywhere especially where those food is concern, which will invites your enemies eg. Ants, cockroaches etc into your house. Pls throw into rubbish chute. Additionally, if your guest visits you and notice rubbish everywhere, don't u feel ashamed?


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Rubbish Found at Blk 14 level 1 lobby Empty The rubbish problem

Post  precious on Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:38 pm

Yes, even at my block, I found rubbish placed beside the lift door.
This always happened during the weekend. I was so annoyed that I rang
each doorbell on my level to enquire who left the rubbish there??
Obviously , there were no admissions to the deed! I informed the flat
residents that the chute is hardly 2 mins away from their doorstep and
request that the rubbish be placed in the chute in future! Now, there
isnt any rubbish left anywhere near lift doors.


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