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Solar Film on the windows

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Solar Film on the windows Empty Solar Film on the windows

Post  2010 on Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:48 pm

Hi everyone,

I live in Block 10 and my unit is facing the city. I receive lots of afternoon sun - directly hit on all my windows (worst hit is my master-room). Currently, I do have curtains (not those blackout type) to block the sunlights but due to the intense heat between 2pm to 5pm, all my rooms are usually quite hot.

Just last week, I came to know a company supplying Huper Optik Solar Films, which is said to effectively cool down the room. However, I have inquired the cost and found it is not cheap to install (they charge at $16.00 per sq ft). As the total cost is considered enormous, I would like to know are there any homeowners who have already installed the same or similiar Solar Films on their windows and if so, please share some of your experience/advice with me.

1) I wish to know are these solar films really that effective in cooling down the rooms?
2) Are there anyone interested to install the same solar film in your unit? I thought if we were to place our orders together with the same company, we may try to negotiate for a bulk discount.

Please reply to this post or call me (Eric) at 8125-8135. Thank you.


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Solar Film on the windows Empty Solar films

Post  Twinkle on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:05 pm

I installed my solar film on my windows when the direct afternoon sun started sometime in Oct.09. When I moved in between April 09 onwards the sun direction was the other side so not to worry too much as we won't get this the whole year. My six panels of windows cost cheaper, anti glare, uv and there is a difference between the sunlight that falls on the floor with and without the window closed so it means the film has an amount of protection esp. the heat. If you want more heat protection, you take a darker tint as in my prev. property. Are you on the high floor?

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Solar Film on the windows Empty Installation of solar film on window

Post  fish99 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:29 pm

Hello 2010

my side here also get he setting sun and can be quite hot. Just got my solar film installed and it is so much cooler now. Very Happy

Here is the contact: Doctor Doors Gallery . Look for Ms Serene 92781822

Their price is very reasonable. They quoted $350 for my 6 full length windows. The UV rejection is 99% and heat rejection is 75% and light penetration is 40%. Comes with 1 year warranty. Local made product. They said all their solar film cost the same price no matter what you choose.

Hope this will help in helping you to solve your problem and you may enjoy your stay here.


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Solar Film on the windows Empty solicit feedback for solar films

Post  jeseva14 on Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:10 am

Hi neighbours..

was curious abt the solar films when i chanced upon this tread.. can people who have them installed share..

1) how much for how many window panel? I'm staying in a studio unit so its six full panel.
2) are they really effective? cooler?
3) is applied on the inside of the windows huh?
4) i saw 1 yr warranty. why is it required? coz may peel off?
5) any other comment(s)?

advance thanks!!


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Solar Film on the windows Empty Re: Solar Film on the windows

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